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July 17th, 2010

It looks like we’ve been behaving more like those idiots who inadvertently established self-imposed brand loyalty shelling money without self-realization. Stranger than fiction this truth changed the land scape of human relations. People take their brands to their hearts and arguments, debates and comparisons have dominated simple, loving, caring and thriving relationships. I personally do not have a favorite phone, because technology evolves and so does we. My calculations are obviously simple, do we get what we want for what we pay? However simple this may sound, the current smart phone market has changed the way we think about phones. Very unfortunately, Apple the company well known for their quality designs have completely changed the way people perceive their devices. I hate Apple more for making a smart phone a smarter phone. The phone is something that does what we want and how we like, however, we started liking what it does and what it gives. This is sad for civilized people who make decisions based on brands. I don’t own an Apple product because I hate it, it is simply because it is an useless product for me. I would rather prefer to buy a desktop/laptop, printer, web cam, good set of speakers, a 22″ LCD, smooth and wide keyboard and a mouse which responds to the way I want rather than buying a Apple Laptop for double the cost for these combined stuff. The math doesn’t match my requirements, that’s all.

No two people think the same, but when thinking is dominated by stature and the stature is dominated by a brand, you loose yourself. Many of my peers think iPhone is a superior product without even bothering to see if there is competition and how they fair with one another and ultimately what is it that makes more sense to them. Again, there are no comparisons here.

I have a Blackberry Pearl, i picked it up as a choice in one amongst the others that I was getting FREE for signing up a 2-yr contract with AT&T. I never had plans to check my email on a phone nor browse internet over it. And the so called APPS (most people think that Apple invented APPS, dumber!) were available on my Blackberry even then. For some stupid reason AT&T goofed up my monthly charges simply because I gave my BB to my wife as I started using another touch screen phone which I borrowed from my deceased cousin (a memorabilia of sorts). It took me 15 calls and 8 hours of talk-time to fix the issue (hopefully fixed). I bought a cell phone for being able to call someone from anywhere, whether in need or not. The current day so called smart phones have defeated that purpose. People are fascinated with their GPS on their bright LCD, but still carry a stand-alone GPS, they are fascinated by their browsing capabilities on their phones, yet 99% of their browsing is done when a convenient and a faster PC is available within their reach. Or they would simply browse something that makes no sense at all. People are buying APPS for money without realizing if it makes sense or not. Smart phone are now smarter and smarter people are now smart, actually dumb.

Why would a person stand in a line for days to buy a phone? I simply does not get it. I would like to ask that person what is it that made him happy at the end, having that phone or its usage? Of course humans are extremely smart for justifying everything they do. My friends ask me, “if iPhone is really not that great, why would people buy it with such craze?”, I do not have an answer that will satisfy them, but I do have for myself. Because, they are buying a smarter phone and not a smart phone.

Now its my turn. I need a phone, just a smart phone and nothing more than that. Why? Because I could not do somethings that I would like to do over the internet when I am at my office. This is ridiculous because you are supposed to work and not browse when you are at office, isn’t it? Anyway, as I said before, we have our own explanations for everything and anything we do. I am not buying an iPhone because it costs me more, I am not buying an Droid because it costs me more, I am buying a EVO (most likely) because it costs me less.

I hate to see any company dominating the land scape of technology because its simply is not in our best interest. I love Microsoft for not its products but making our lives simple over the period for much less that we get from the competition. Google’s Android is picking up not because its better than iPhone’s iOS4 but because its open and available. Microsoft is coming up with their Windows Phone 7 OS, which promises better integration between APPS which simultaneously helping enterprises incorporate their WAP, wireless based technologies work in tandem. Most managers love to check their emails on their BB, come Windows OS, I guess they would love to check their Outlook directly without mediation.

I hope to see one day we just buy smart phones and become smarter. Long live civilization.

Where the ends meet

July 15th, 2010

I have been craving to write for long time, but my thoughts never met it ends. So much to read and so little to write, somehow the equation is not setting right. There is a void in the air with kids spending their summer in India this time. We both miss them and dear, it is heavy! There is so much time now for me and my wife that we spend it thinking what to think. One by one things pile up and the weekend goes by in a zip with complete ineffectiveness, keeping our lazy spirits still at bay. Reading continues and my mind found its solace, it is the heart that turned into a monkey just jumping from nowhere to everywhere. Its confusing and yet clear, its hard yet normal. Its more of WTF attitude you know.

Reading Maximum City brings me back my ’96 days of spending some wonderful time in Mumbai. Thanks to Tassi Maama (my wife’s cousin) to have dropped two of the best books. Was little disappointed to look at my Sis (Prabha) after they came back from India, she looked tired, an expression and state she never knew before, at least I never knew. My VISA, Lakshmi’s passport; a bureaucratic tussle of sorts were finally done (not done done, but done). Now I need to go all the way to DC as if I can fly and get that stuff from the Embassy and the newly outsourced office next to Georgetown Mall. BTW, when I went this morning there, after parking in a structure, I realized that its right under the shopping mall. It was vintage in its look but was gorgeous. Sometimes its good to be in a place where you can ill afford to go by car.

Be it New York or DC, cities have always fascinated me. Again, Maximum City is just drilling my brain right now and shoveling those memories. In my usual ways, I keep reading the Apple bashing these days (wont’ lie, but I like it) and the gulf-oil leak and other potpourri. Like me their ends doesn’t meet either.

So I ask myself, should I walk on the left line or the right? In any case they don’t meet right now and I think I need to buy a chalk and draw a line across. Only, I don’t find one right now.

More later…BTW what is this fuss all about?

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May 18th, 2010

Honestly, I did not know what the title should be! So, went with the traditional North, East, West and South. Anyway, had to cover lot of stuff for being lazy, lame, excused and guilty.

Mouse Magic

Our family spent the week of Spring Break @ Disney World bringing much required smiles on our cheeks, BACK. Awesome it is, we had great time there visiting Sea World, the 4 Disney Parks and the real icing on the cake was a brief stop-over at Daytona Beach. Obviously, kids had great time and both of them took time to snap their cute faces along with their favorite and not-so favorite characters. Dining at ‘Chef-Mickey’s’ was I guess the best that we had as my childhood fantasy of hugging Mickey Mouse came true. Princess dining was neither less, Nikhita had a dance with Prince Charming and Cinderella. In a nut-shell, the best Spring Break we had to-date. Well! the tradition is established now and we may have to follow the same next year. Looking forward to that. No matter how much I deny, spending time with Family is what makes a person like me a MAN, and more a Good Dad! Thanks to my wife for planning this one up and kids were just wonderful.


Office is keeping me very busy off-late. Doing something really proud for the organization as well adding jewels to my resume crown. I hope it will pay-off and I shall cherish this wonderful milestone in my professional career. Really lucky to be part of the project and really awesome to be the chosen one. For the next few weeks, its all work-o-rama……


Well, my hatred towards Apple is just growing day-by-day. Not only the company sucks but it successfully made at least a million fools with their iPad. People have long forgotten that iPhone is also a phone (its a different story that it is a useless device as a phone) but have been hearing complaints that people have been suffering from social disorder. Most of them knew that they can ill afford to drop their iStuff than their relationships. My garbage can has more ROI and I feel proud about that. What more strange is that, well, we’ve all built a Frankenstein out of Apple, its market cap is very close to Walmart, ridiculous as it sounds, one day it will be worth pennies.


Cricket is being played so much now, watching it makes me feel that its actually one single match being played an entire year. Next year’s IPL will have two more teams and God only knows how many matches will be played, 90, 100, million, sucks!

Big House – Small House

Yes! we almost did it and Thank God, we kept our urge under control. With house prices coming down (this is probably the world’s firth false truth), we were almost tempted to buy a bigger one and then in the last minute, something bit, very alien, but Godly and we are living happily in the same house again. A small debt is what we chose and I hope we chose the right one. But God it was some experience, granite counter tops, gourmet kitchen, dark Brazilian wood floors, master suite with 6×10 closets, lake view, green lawns, deck, patio and what not, dreams were flowing like Cumberland and at the end, we did not drown.

Turtle in the head

On my way to drop Tanmai to his school one day, a baby turtle was crossing that deserted street on a beautiful sunny spring morning few days back. I slowed down a bit and let the turtle come between my wheels and peeked into my rear-view mirror to make sure I haven’t ran it over. Cute it was but something told me that I should have stopped by the side, picked him up and leave that life by the small pond next to my kid’s school, but I did not. I dropped my kid off and when I was on my way home, I saw that creature by the shoulder with his head down, probably sad being departed from his family. I haven’t stopped then yet.

The next day, my eye balls were circling around to spot that bastard, but I was out of luck and felt bad thinking that I should have stopped yesterday and did what I wanted to. Its been a week now and I still check my luck to see that little rascal again. I do not know where it was then, but I know where it is now, in my head. Sorry turtle!

64 Squares

I may not follow the squares closely, but I am fascinated by its aura. Congratulations to Vishy on keeping his World Chess crown, AGAIN.

Nikhita's Dance Performance

April 29th, 2010

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March 16th, 2010

I love Apple (I guess when I say that, people think of a Technology company more than the actual fruit), you guessed it, the technology company, precisely incorporation. The first reason is that they invented a very sophisticated toy called ‘iPhone’ which has changed the way people communicate with each other. Pre-iPhone days, we used to talk over phone, now we are busy browsing and playing with ‘Apps’. The iPhone was built anyway for non-conversational purpose as the call drop rate beats my son’s mathematical capabilities.

Secondly, they recently filed law suit over HTC for violating their patents which gave me an idea for patenting my stuff. So briefly iPatent..

  1. The lane that iDrive when I commute to my office between 8:45 am and 9:00 am.
  2. The 2nd bowl in my office restroom where iNormally piss.
  3. The coffee flavor iDrink everyday at the office from the upper second bin in the pantry.
  4. The direction iLook at my monitor day in and day out in the office.
  5. iCan’t list everything in here you see, they run into millions.

Anyway, anyone who are breach of one or more of the above patents are liable for facing iLaw suits and they will be punished to the fullest extent of the law.

I also thank Apple for teaching me how to do Product upgrades, for example.

  1. iPhone
  2. iPhone 3G
  3. iPhone 3GS
  4. iPhone 3GSF (that F is the flash that they are going to include in their 4th generation iPhone).
  5. iPhone 3GSFB (you can also get an iPhone in ‘Blue’ starting from 5th generation iPhone).
  6. iPhone 3GSFB* (they thought that having too many letter might backfire their marketing campaign, so it might well be i2Phone, which means, you are allowed to make calls from now)

Mera Bharat ….( ! Mayhem ! ) – Part #2

March 11th, 2010

So I mentioned about a movie and why I liked it a lot is what follows now.

The movie’s name is ‘Anukokunda Oka Roju’ roughly translates to ‘One day by coincidence’. The director (actually the story writer) portraits a missing day from the protagonist’s life and depicts how it changes her life, fortunately for good. But the underlying message was bigger, bold and possibly the closest to what India is now. The movie starts with a problem, drugs, moves to murders and finally ends up with a cult underground group who follows a mad person who believes that he speaks to God. While extortion, drugs, murders inflict damage sometimes to individuals and groups, God has greater influence on mankind specially so in India. The so called Godsman (the mentally retarded fellow in the movie) are more dangerous that aforementioned tidbits. We have recently seen news articles about Kalki Bhagawan as well as Swami Nityananda and the excitement it has generated. As long as common public follows people like Kalki and Nityananda, the damage continues and people get corrupted. Corrupted because, they have already lost self-confidence and self-belief. Corrupted because they do not trust a fellow citizen but blindly follows a person who indulges in inhuman activities. Corrupted because they forgot God and believe in a person who believes that he or she is a God.

I always fight with my Dad over God. While he blindly believes that having trust in God would solve any problem, I trust in what we should do. Contradictions are human characteristic and by no means a hindrance towards progress, but when it stops constructive ideas, it becomes a burden. While I always believed that God lies within each person and it is not magic that define him but worship of work does. Indians always believed in God the most and I am no exception, however my depiction differs from lot of other people and it is not a sin.

On one side I see that ISRO is planning a second mission to moon the other side of the coin has faces like KCR, MNS, Bal Thackarey and other terrorists who does not stop their routine to disturb normal fabric of society and its functions. Professor Kodandaram who is spearheading the JAC of Telangana movement must have looked into a mirror several times and yet have not realized that he is no more a human being now. News of innocent students either murdered or commit suicide in the name of Telangana shows how immature our society is and the hyena politicians are always ready to live like parasites.


February 24th, 2010

I wonder myself how it would be to listening to God’s voice? And then I get the answer this morning. It sound sweet, sweet as in when Sachin hits a cover boundary, a roar like an exquisite straight drive, sublime like an backward punch to extra cover, rhythmic like an exceptionally timed flick and dominating like an fiery pull over mid-wicket.


My friends tell me (they actually taunt) that comparing Sachin to God is little overboard, he is not that great and sometimes its not right. And, personally I think they are ignorant. Did they see God anytime, do they know what he did, do they really think that God is about lifting mountains with his little finger, killing the demons with the blink of an eye, drinking an ocean full of water in one gulp and endless other mysterious and superlative deeds? Well then they got is absolutely wrong, as it proves that not only they do not know anything about God but they pretend that God exists. God is about doing right and more so with an unconditional love and nothing else.

Sachin is not great because he plays every shot in the dictionary of cricket and he scored tons of runs and milestones just feel at this feat with relative ease. He is great because he LOVE the game, he is great because he RESPECTS the game, he is great because he believes what he do is right, UNCONDITIONALLY. I am blessed to have seen him play today, not because this is one of his best knocks, not because how he approaches the game, because he made me forget for a while, what the greatest sorrow a man has, DEATH. My cousin husband’s untimely death has left me with a sorrowed heart and spending that last 4 days until they were aboard a flight to India was a lifetime experience. Her life has changed forever and there is nothing but time, that can heal the wounds and but for lending my deepest sorrows, I am humanely mortal to give her life back.

Having deep love towards the game of Cricket made me woke up today morning although my wife didn’t like the fact that I was putting myself out of rest from the last 4 days or so. I told her, I would only watch Sachin’s batting today and will go back to sleep after that. God had other plans today, he wanted me lighten up my heavy heart with his words (strokes). He wanted me to witness the truth, he wanted me to watch doing right and….I had.

Critics are ordinary humans, who paint their failures often on one’s success. But when you talk about God, you are often left with one side and one choice, YES!

Today, the God spoke and I listened.

Feeling sad

February 19th, 2010

It is with great regret I let you know all that my close cousin’s husband had died in a road accident yesterday night. He was on a bicycle on his way to the university when a car hit him. Initial reports say that he might have died on the spot. My cousin with whatever little help that she is getting is still standing bold and coming up to the terms. Its takes great panache of a brave face from her when she called me last night to convey the sorrowed message to me. I salute her fortitude and can only say that I am here in need.

May God bless his soul and give  her peace and tranquility.


Mera Bharat ….( ! Mayhem ! ) – Part #1

February 10th, 2010

Everyday I make it a point to read news, both US and India. Its more of an obsession than knowledge mining and of course NEWS in reality is more gossip than happenings. There is more ‘creation’ than reporting and “I am mislead” is no misnomer.

News from India is more disturbing than anywhere else. Two reasons, one being the fact that my roots are from India and my most near and dear still live in India and secondly my inclination towards India being one of the global powers on the world map. When Rakesh Sharma was in space to become the first Indian ever to have gone into terrestrial space, he was relaying back to Earth his views and experience and the then PM Indira Gandhi have asked him “How does India look like from the outer space?”, his answer was more than a statement and experience which goes “Mera Bharat Mahan”. The sense of pride attached to it go a long way not just encompassing the achievement but a feeling that comes right from one’s heart rather than head.

Unfortunately, I cannot simply glance and let the news go by without forcing myself to plant a thought in my head and scar my heart almost every day. The incidents that trigger are so backward in thinking and ridiculous in nature that I sometimes wonder..IT COULD ONLY HAPPEN IN INDIA. ‘Mera Bharat Mahan’ is now a small sentence that adore Incredible India! campaign and some tourism books.

There is no doubt that I am very proud for being born as Indian and shared its rich glory, tradition, culture, good, bad and what not for 25 long years. No amount of thanks or deed shall replace that pride nor value for being one. But, true to my heart, can I say now proudly “I was an Indian”, I do not know? This very question forms the basis of thought process that the Indian society is going to a place that no single heart wants to, honestly. Progress should not be measured with green bucks, cars and multi-plex theater complexes or the glittering shopping malls. Economy does not reflect people’s progress nor the society’s. Did we grew in our tradition, values, culture? is what one has to ask oneself, day in and day out. Look at our politicians, majority of them are murderers, petty thieves, roadside goondas, rowdies, pimps and everything even a shit-eating pig would be down with shame. How are they cropping up? How do they influence the society? How bad is India looted? Only questions and no answers.

Shiv Sena wants to stop Shah Rukh Khan’s new movie as they think he is less patriotic? What bullshit is this. Are we even living in a society? These bastards should be hanged in public, burned in broad day light and dragged on the streets like pigs. MNS wants to employ only Marati speaking public (are they OK if that guy is even a terrorist?). Ridiculous as they sound, it is people’s inability and ineffectiveness that made these political bastards grow strong. They go beyond politics and restore entirely on rowdyism.

The problem that we face in India internally is neither terrorism, maoists, economy, poverty, under development and any other paraphernalia attached in the upliftment of society. The problem lies with politicians, the problems lies in creation of these politicians, the problem lies in making politics because of these politicians. They make laws (that they do not abide), they write amendments (that suite them) and they dictate how the society should operate (they are limitless). The judicial, legislative and executive branches of the government in a Democratic society have to work in tandem for people and people only.

Being a plurarist society India can least afford division based on language, caste, creed, religion or race. Be it a Hindu fundamentalist party like Shiv Sena or a completely Islamic MIM, political parties should never have existed on the basis of religion. On top it, we already have multitude of languages and political bastards like KCR in Andhra Pradesh try to cash in the innocent sentiments of people and float a party on the basis of language and region. We often boast that the first rays of knowledge rose from India and its a cradle for the Human evolution, but how far back have this been true to their qualities? Today’s society is either careless or compromising. They have adopted a very dangerous habit of living under lies and betrayal. Politicians often work for their individual benefit and are always hungry for power. Back in 80’s a political fiasco to the tune of Rs.1 Crore was often considered treason, while in 90’s it has progressed to tens of crores of rupees. Advancement of global economy and its flat structure have inflated those to thousands of crores in the current decade. People neither have time nor interest in pursuing these vital drains in our economy. I can bet my cents on how huge the Swiss bank illegal savings would be owned by Indian politicians, few countries combined GDP will be dwarfed low enough to put up their shame. The society is now inflicted either with politicians who are power hungry and continue to build their empires on tax-payers money or politicians who wish to establish themselves as leaders of community split on the lines of religion, etc. Both these forms of political leadership should be considered no less to terrorism.

Terrorism relies mostly on religious fanaticism followed by mass infliction of pain, terror, destruction. It is often targeted and reactive, if not always. Politicians on other hand are disease ridden rascals, who inflict greater destruction of people, society and its structure; a disease irreparable and uncured always running after free money and sensitive fabric of human society. It is often debatable the in India does terrorism cause greater damage or politicians, the later always wins the war by huge margin. Religious fundamentalists like Thackeray of Shiv Sena often relies on strengths of rhetoric provocation and going after people who either are humble to their profession or does not have an impasse to events that trigger social instability. This irresponsible behavior is often met with resistance from people who are already deprived of their fundamental rights over powered by rowdyism and crushing feet activism.

There is a sense of urgency needed to repair the society bugged by these political clad. Not too mindful to compare human problems with a movie, I take a small leaf out of a cinema that I happened to like a lot and is like couple of years old.


February 9th, 2010

This might sound irony or a blunt weapon to invite criticism that I am an ‘unconditional’ fan of Indian Cricket Team. Taking nothing away from South Africa on their wonderful performance, I still insist that they haven’t bet the World #1 team yet. With no Dravid, Lakshman I do not think that we can even call this team a team. Minus Kallis and Amala, SA wold be a bunch of jokers, with all due respect. Me and my friend who plays his usual ‘gully’ cricket in MA, often debate over Cricket matches and he takes great pride in supporting any team playing opposite to India. Of course, he doesn’t understand Cricket a bit and his ignorance towards the game matches my younger son’s visionary over his Nintendo DS.

More than anything this is selection panel’s loss. Sehwag has proved that he can wack the same Steyn around all around the park faster than he can bowl. Paul Harris stuck to his ‘negative’ line of bowling which remembers me Steve Waugh’s down-under game with India. Wherein Amit Mishra with his orthodox action might have missed a trillion edges of SA’s batting. In plain terms, other than Steyn’s success they rode completely over luck. Kallis was almost run-out when he was on 2 and he did not had a clue what length Mishra was bowling to and their edges out weigh their total score by zillions. Again, irony it may sound, look at the way our main batsmen got out, more than the bowling it was shot selection. In a given day, Sehwag can put 11 out of 10 outside the off stump balls to boundary (you can build a china-wall, it will still pierce through). The team lost the test even before the first ball was bowled, having no choice but to pick Saha (no offenses on Saha) who never in his life have dreamt of making a debut because a stand-by got injured that morning 15 minutes before the play.

Tet match is about sessions and nothing else. Gauti might have made two consecutive erroneous decisions, but he seldom does that and Kolkata will be a perfect place to set that right. Hoping that Lakshman will come back to the game, we still miss Dravid, who at #3 places his innings with perfection. India should forget what happened at Kanpur as SA did not win that game, its India who have lost its game, right from selection time. Sreesanth and Raina have been called back to the squad (hilarious than it sounds) as it makes it no better combination. My pick would be,

  1. Gambhir
  2. Sehwag
  3. Vijay
  4. Sachin
  5. Lakshman
  6. Kohli
  7. Dhoni
  8. Harbhajan
  9. Mishra
  10. Zaheer
  11. Sreesanth

If Badrinath or Raina plays in place of Kohli, I don’t think it would make too much different and Gambhir should be 1st down while promoting Vijay to open the innings.

Dhoni is an excellent captain and he accepts his mistakes more boldly than any other captain around. He was playing with 8 instead of 11 players and I do not blame him for that. If Bhajji resorts to ‘negative’ line, I guess SA will take decades to search for the ball. Game is ON.