July 31st, 2009


Majority of representatives of the Govt. (especially Andhra Praesh) who fight like Rabies infected street dogs in Assembly, giving a shit to people’s problems and have no clue what Democracy means. These people loot national resources without gun and mortar and deny access to basic needs to all they represent.

Biharism – Bee-har-ism

Living a life like animals (sorry animals) with uninhibited social structure.

Sonnet – So . Net

Social Networking maniac.

Aagus Se-a-neen

August 17th in Chinese Slang.

Blogalemia – Blog.Ö.lÈ.miah

An obsessive compulsive disorder related to blogging on the internet.

A person or group of persons who are diagnosed to have frequent urge to blog on the internet. General symptoms include chatting and talking about irrelevant topics and thinking acculturate.