October 2009

The curry and the kangaroo – Part 2

For a moment, I had a gentle smile on my face. This good friend of my mine often exchange heated debates over Cricket with me and he normally supports teams playing against India, be it Australia or Zimbabwe. He plays good level Cricket but his problem is in understanding the game. I admit that I get little emotional when someone downplays Sachin or India, but I must be honest, it is totally natural. For one, I am a ‘good’ supporter of our team (emphasis: support) and second, Sachin is simply the best Cricket has ever seen.

The game is such a treat to its fans that it is totally unbelievable that for a good part of 8 long hours, it can keep your brain, eyes, nose and mouth blocked to it, not an easy thing to accomplish by any standards.

So the curry had its full blown flavor today while the kangaroo, well had slowed down. The Australians were little depleted and a wise opponent shall cash it and they did, not only wisely but with complete dominance and a strong fortitude. For a moment I thought having Jadeja instead of Kohli might be a bad idea, but keeping the conditions into consideration, it was indeed a wise move. There are two ways to hold a flag, with one hand holding the flag post or two hands grabbing the ends. The flag is our team and the pole is Sachin for me. For many years and for many a matches, he had been the post, alone and firm and the team waved happily with his support. Now that the post is on its culminating point, two hands or team-work is needed to up-hold the flag and they did. This win is a total team effort, but big credits to Dhoni, he have the best captain brain and he used it to its potential today.

I am sometimes surprised as to how in the world Praveen Kumar can generate that kind of swing, simple straight, seam up right and gentle flow, his bowling was very accurate with little or no width to offer. However the man who stole the show was Ashish Nehra, his nip deliveries were fast, quick and hard to read. He have a great smile, the smile of a winner and he came to terms with his strength today, a bad ball greeted with smile and  a wicket accepted in humble.

Dhoni’s batting reminds me of the great battle between Duryodhan and Bheem of Mahabharat. He holds his bat like mace and hits it hard. But don’t be mistaken with these words as he is most clever batsmen around who knows what to do when and where, more often than anyone.

My take

India – 4.5 stars
Australia – 2.5 stars

Curry Stars: Gambhir, Dhoni, Raina, Ashish Nehra
Kangaroo Stars: Hussey

3rd ODI preview:
Its even-stevens now and teams will mostly stick to their best combination. Kotla in Delhi is not a cool customer, the wicket is on the slower side with variable or low bounce. Of all the matches played out their during the Champions League, probably only Sehwag was able to play in that ground (his home of course). Spin will play its part, but quick bowling on stumps line can get you good LBWs. Delhi famous for its fog and due will play its part. Its good to win the toss.

Game On…

I wonder myself that what it takes me to write so much about Cricket, passion or obsession, interest or madness, love or fan-ship and finally had to settle down on everything.

I woke up to my fate at 4:40 am this morning to catch the action on my computer and was disappointed that India lost the a crucial toss. Being a Day-Nighter the due factor in that part of the country and specially that ground (with new turf) will be a big problem for the team bowling second as it is not easy to grip the leather, no matter even if every fielder wraps around a towel around them, not joking.

So, as usual I have to leave my love and start getting ready for the office at 5:30 am and was optimistic that I can at least watch 6 or 7 overs. My optimism was completely put-out watching my favorite Sachin palying his shots. He was totally off, I seldom seen him playing cricket like that, unless something is bothering him; very much. Having watched his batting from such up close angles, it bothered me how he got out edging a wide off-stump ball, playing away from his body with full face to the ball. More than often, it is a symptom to get out easily. On a given day, he would have answered the same ball with a back foot punch towards squarish covers, normally kissing the fence for most part. It is his signature stroke and no one, no one can match his timing in that shot.

Dejected I was, but Sehwag on the other side was in his usual macho style whacking every ball like a free-hit. He simply doesn’t respect any one, leave alone the bowlers. His momemtum casted deep shadows on each of the Australian players and they were praying God to get this guy out in the pavilion as quickly as possible. In simple english, he is a question who doesn’t have an answer, PERIOD!

Gambhir and Sehwag went along nicely when the GODS were angry and Sehwag fell to his own instincts. Nevertheless, the runs flow did not stop really and India got to 354 in the end, which I think is a very hard total to beat, by any team.

I would still loved India to have bowled first, the hint of grass would have produced peach deliveries from Praveen Kumar’s fingers more often than anyone else.

Anyway, coffee break for me and lunch for the masters.

The curry and the kangaroo – Part 1

And the series has started yet again, with a flamboyant style with almost a perfect end. India and Australia yet again face each other in this 7 ODI series true to their existing ICC ranking regards. The world’s No.1 team competing with No.2 team on turfs that are always witnessed in thousands and million across the tubes is nothing less than spectacular. The 1st ODI had all the ingredients of a brilliant drama with an exquisite screenplay. Both teams tried to put in their best possible combination forward; dis-advantage India as Yuvraj had to miss the game because of his injury. Zaheer’s absence will be felt by both teams.

Chasing 293 in never an easy task when you know for sure that you would be facing one of the best bowling attacks that come in 7 pack. With 7 for 210, the scorecard was anything but interesting for India. Australian quitely took a big nap and Indians quickly cashed on it. A fervor innings from Harbhajan and Praveen Kumar had lit the hopes of all the cricket fanatics and the match took an awkward turn again towards the end. The required run-rate at one time was more than 12, but the duo ensured that it comes down to 9 required in 6 balls. With everyone coming off of T20 style Cricket that was within the palm’s reach. Australia are deserved winners as they have put in an all-round effort but a win for India would have justified more at least for two persons, Harbhajan and Praveen.

The first ODI has more than winners and losers, it was a game that had the nostalgia of a curry, its effervescence and flavor; on the other end the speed of kangaroo, its protectionism and flamboyance. I had period of heart-attacks watching this game in awe, without anticipating the result. The perfect suspense was the best curtain raiser for this lively series between the best two. If there is any team that takes positives from this match, it would be India all the way, they are now sure what they need to move on. Australia will be left to answer their own questions, having 293 on board was less of an insurance than they thought and they had definitely learn a new lesson, its not over until its over.

Finally, my take.

Australia – 3.5 stars
India – 3 stars

Kangaroo Stars: Ponting, Hussey White and Hauritz
Curry Stars: Gambhir, Ishant, Harbhajan and Praveen

2nd ODI Preview: Yuvraj will most likely return to the side while Jadega shall be rested. It will bring a big boost to the middle order and if Yuvi sticks on for batting powerplay, Australia can forget the match, any day. Sehwag and Sachin do not fail often, one blitz will bring the opposition down like a pack of cards.

Australia will dig deep into its bowling and India can expect little more disciplined attack in the 2nd ODI. With respect to batting, nothing much will change on Australia side.

This may sound like I am biased to India, but in all honesty, India is a better team (equipped) than Australia for now.

Welcome to Windows 7

Windows 7It is no secret that I like Microsoft. For every thing that exists in this world, there are alternatives and often human’s self-denial lies in ‘what-if’ syndrome. Technologists might argue that if not Microsoft then other, there are indeed better products than what Microsoft has today. But the question remains the same. How are they developed and where are they developed? Did they not use Windows on their machines all these years to produce products that sometime outcast the same OS that they were developed on? Agree or not, Windows is  the bread and butter for almost every one, its contribution to humankind is more than anyone can imagine in numbers and profits. A person sitting in front of a PC is developing and nourishing such great ideas which were not possible before.

I had  a chance and no-option privilege to work on Apple’s Mac Book Pro for a while at a client’s place. My consulting firm’s boss insists on Apple products as he is a die-hard fan and I am an IT consultant for more than 15 years now. I am glad that I had moved on as Mac OS was plain simple crap when it comes to IT professionals. No one taught me how to use Windows, it was all natural than anything. Avery highly sophisticated and built unit, an Apple machine is good for browsing internet and stare at the screen to fall in love with those acqa icons, for which at least I think only a nut-head would spend so much money.

I loved Vista for what it is and I never had any problem using it whatsoever. I tried to maintain my anti-virus up-to-date along with the free MS suite and my PC is clean like a slate, no malwares, no viruses and without junk. I have been following the news lately on Windows 7, dubbed by critics as the best product MS have produced in the recent past. Innovation is bound to happen and I pity all those who make remarks without getting deep into them.

Like many I am one of those who bought the upgrade and getting it shipped tomorrow and I am sure that my welcome will be great and I will have some quality time spent on the PC.

Great going MS. Welcome Windows 7 to the world.

Happy and Diwali

DeepavaliWondering myself why? Isn’t it Happy Diwali rather than ‘Happy and Diwali’. Tapping my heart I was confirmed that my instincts were right. I wish Happiness and Diwali for all the citizens across the globe.

While the festival symbolize the victory of good over evil and light over darkness, it is a true festival in every sense. Never I have been more happy in my life than I am now, which makes me to question myself, why? If life has any meaning other than breath, bread and body, I had the bliss of being a human being trying to make things ‘simple’. Nobles of past have shown us myriad paths to self-victory which are seldom put in action by us. Blessing everyone Happy Diwali will deny the wishes to be happy forward. My last article of Diwali reflected how I missed my homeland and its festivity, but mature since then, made me feel what true happiness really is. Without driving the darkness inside, celebration will be a myth and festivity shall only adore pale colors. Diwali is about us, it is about looking at the light and think of what greater are we than that lifeless lamp, which still shine bright to drive out darkness.

Vivekananda reiterated the fact that the source of all miseries is thinking about others. He did not mean that we be selfish. His emphasis of philosophy was to think that we are many but one and our actions often gives out its results taking the form of ‘others’. There is no greater thing that God and God is in all good things. I have been fortunate to have ‘Sat-Sang’ which forms the onus of becoming a complete human.

So I wish you once again my fellow beings that be happy and celebrate Diwali. Every light that you lit today shall only shine and every deed that you do from today shall only do good.

Ah! The Bliss..

I am proud that I share a commonality with this guy. We are both born as Indians and this could happen only in India. Its been long time since I have heard anything this outstanding. More than a protege this kid’s voice is golden and godly. Hemanth is a little champ performing on stage for ‘Sa Re Ga Ma Pa L’il Champions’. Watch it for bliss.

Note: Catch the song at 7:09

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SorrowMy heart is with those who have lost their near & dear in Southern India’s floods. I am guilty of not extending any sort of help other than lambasting the officials supervising the relief efforts. Nevertheless good Samaritans from across India have done their citizen duties helping the victims and extending their faith to keep them going. I wish mother nature had little more sympathy on those poor people, which eventually she did, and bless them with crops and fruit.

Chinese aggression as I have mentioned in my twit reminds me Nehru’s description in one word, backstabbing. Powerdavid-and-goliath hungry dictators ruling that land will someday learn the lesson of aggression and more than anyone, history shall repeat again and teach them a message. A wise man shall accept a strong nut than a weak wise. Their identity as a modern nation very much in debts to Nehru’s protege and it seems to me that people who have forgotten their past never will have a future. I am waiting for the time to give the answer!

Terrorist brief siege at army headquarters in Pakistan was the most funniest news I read in recent times. Please forgive me as loss of life is loss of everything for some people. suicidalHowever, terrorists storming army headquarters to me was like terrorists attaching terrorists, which bound to happen one day. You can only wait for the snake to bite you when you milk it for a while. Pakistan’s state policy of ‘sponsored terrorism’ will one day eat itself. It’s like an AIDS patient threatening others that they’ll have sex with others unless they confine to their ideas. The patient will die one day, a MISERABLE DEATH.

Gas prices are on rise in US forecasting greater demand in travel. Someone really thinks that people are brainless dumb asses. gas_prices_largeNever in the history of this great country there was a demand for gas more than in summer. With unemployment closing in on two digits, people are trying to get to all corners to cut the costs. Some greedy bastards set the ‘future’ prices on a speculated demand, which is nothing short of what I call terrorism (inflicting greater pain on mass population without provoking and reason). The Government shall first have to tackle these financial terrorist before running after those whom I think deserves the least of the attention at this time.

Happy Birthday to Truth

MahatmaNo man with the same skin and soul will ever walk on this planet again like the ‘Mahatma’. A true inspiration, lived his life dedicated for peace and truth, he lives amongst every one of us whenever we think of our souls. Other than the GOD himself, I do not think that there is any other soul ever lived who is more simpler than this great ‘Atma’. Mahatma Gandhi has exemplified his deeds following the path of ‘ahimsa’ and personified the world with his thoughts and words.

He is the ‘father of the nation’ to the most vibrant of cultures in the history of mankind and he is the beloved ‘Bapu’ for many a billion. If simplicity is anything but truth, only Gandhi proved why he is the only ‘Mahatma’ to have born as a simple human and spirited us with the great gift of ‘Satya-Agrah’.

It takes for one an entire life, it takes one an entire culture and it takes for one an entire civilization to have achieved what Mahatma has done without sweat and without fear and with a smile that speaks only truth in his life. Very few in our history can cast a shadow as big as Mahatma, one where feels relieved from lies of life, misery and unhappiness.

Mahatma Gandhi has experimented with truth and finally prevailed like no other. He is no GOD but no less, as the GOD himself wonders how he creates such a soul on this planet.

The greatness of this man is his simplicity.

Happy Birthday to MAHATMA, the MAHAN ATMA.

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