September 2009

The tale of two Gods

Don’t expect anything close to mythology as my definition of God is a spirit who goes beyond divinity in what they do or perform.

As biased as I can be, nothing shall redeem my love towards Federer and Sachin, the two Gods of two worlds. Unlike any other persons in their era, they have cast huge clouds on all the rest with their love towards their individual games and over-shadowed everyone else with their huge but naturally bread talent and horned skills.

Federer’s loss in US Open final has yet to go down my throat. Not taking anything away from the young and brilliant Del Potro, I attribute his loss mainly to his 1st serve success percentage. We all knew why he is considered the greatest player ever to have played that game. The gamut and array of angles, passes, drops, spins, loops, serves and all the paraphernalia that surrounds tennis this guy possesses, intimidates his rivals to the core. His belief in tennis as his soul and body is simply unmatched. He is divine as he is to the sport and we are all fortunate to be in his era.

World’s apart there is Sachin, whom many consider as God in his own respects and made Cricket as a religion than ever, whose un-mistaken love towards the game brought him the status that no other sports person on this planet can ever have. Always wearing the burden of billion plus aspirations, he had not quenched his thirst to give us more and more and is a viewers delight.

It is not a surprise that he doesn’t have a signature shot as he has mastered everything in the book and has been a book by himself. There are two ways to score a run, hit the ball and run on the wicket and the other, play the ball and run on the wicket. The thin difference of hit and play is what makes Sachin the divine force. Technically he is perfect, aesthetically he is a treat, in execution he is exquisite and in stature he is God.

Words and thesaurus have shrunk my lines, sorry.

Naming Convention

It is a trend in AP to name projects and places after two persons, both do not have any credentials what so ever personally or politically to be considered great people. While one person at least had ‘citizenship’ (please read that a citizen is a person who obeys the land of the law/birth) while the other one was very close to being a terrorist (by definition a terrorist is a person who inflicts damage on society without provocation and with immorality). Keeping this trend the AP Govt. named few projects after YSR and some were being renamed after him. In India we have a unique disease of naming places after people whose contributions normally terrorize people. Of course there are exceptions like Mahatma Gandhi, Nehru, Sastri, Patel, etc.

So, I urge the Govt. of AP to name the newly discovered H1N1 after their favorite leader which actually attributes to their personalities. Similarly Musi River should be named after their favorite leaders as well as Dengue, Leprosy, AIDS, etc after them. They rightly deserve them.

1st Day of School….

Hmm! the more I think the more I am awestruck. I think, what’s the big deal, after all the Kids will be going to their schools starting today? Butterfly churns in my stomach had taken its toll on me and to top that a 2 hour drive to office makes it even worse. Lakshmi had the worst of the lot, Tanmai successfully held his first oscar going to the school. He threw up and cried as if his DS broke.

Thinking back..

  1. Had to make sure we had school supplies for Tanmai. Had to go to 3 different stores on two different days just for finding a pack of HB#2 pencils. Can you imagine that?
  2. Think ahead a month in advance of what the breakfast would be and who picks up Nikhita.
  3. Re-arrange all the doctors appointments and make sure they fall under ‘work-from-home-day’ category. The nearest appointment was in 2015 (just kidding).
  4. Took two hours to reach the office for both of us, quite a day-mare.
  5. What to eat, what to pack, what to take, where to go, when to go, why to do, what to do, when to do…only questions with relatively subtle and volatile answers.
  6. Now that I went back, that’s lot of stuff to do, don’t you think so.

Finding solace writing the code again…

Where is the society headed ?

YSR surpassed in death the popularity of NTR

YSR’s death leads to spate of suicides

These headlines from different news sources gives us more than stories, they give me goosebumps. Where exactly is the society heading? The very meaning of ‘Development’ in India has lost its sense, pride and more over civilian morality. Who exactly is YSR Reddy? A freedom fighter? A Nobel Literate ? A renowned scientist? A history maker?

He is a ‘regular’ politician with equal or more ambitions than his predecessors to ‘rule’ the state. Upon his death people committed suicide? I cannot think of anything more ridiculous than this? What justification can console those parents who lost a child, what tears would put off the fire of those kids who lost their parent? Have they thought for a second what goes in their families. I guess not and there is no point in crying over such stupid bastard citizens.

GreatAndhra website has taken net-journalism to new lows. It is not wrong to take side to one political party but it would be a shame to report in-factual news, untrue reports and committing the crime of copying news from authentic sources without permission and sometimes crediting them for wrong stuff. I guess the morality in Indian society had died long time back and man-to-man respect is a rare commodity. YSR Reddy’s death has more than proved what the society stands for and in people’s view they are ‘developing’.

The Kings area back

With the death of AP’s CM comes the million dollar question. Who is that macho who would take the reins and build an empire on his own. Well, the process is simple during pre-Raj days. The eldest son of the King would always succeed the throne, the Aristocratic way of electing the people’s representatives.

The funny part is not much has changed since then. Panditji’s mantle was carried over by Indira and her legacy was safe-guarded by Rajiv and his echoes are being resonated by Sonia. Keeping the same Congress tradition, the AP’s legislatures have proposed YSR Reddy’s son Mr.Jaganmohan Reddy as the leader of the legislative council and become the next CM of AP. He is young, dynamic, youthful, energetic and simultaneously hold a ‘unique’ distinction of being previous CM’s son, a novice in political arena and inexperienced. Being the last King’s son, he certainly qualifies for the post but, wait a second, is India a Democratic Republic, I guess I was wrong, its not? The political heirs have long been carrying the tradition of staying-in-the-family and well this cannot be different.So what, didn’t Ram became the king after Dasarath? why not Jaganmohan Reddy then. Oh! you must be thinking Democracy again, go to hell!

So if the next elections are won by TDP, can we expect that Lokesh to be the next CM after his father,who knows it can happen. And, therefore I suggest to the interest of the nation and for the welfare of the people that next time when general elections happen, choose a Bheeshma, who doesn’t have any heirs, legal or illegal. You then are gauranteed to upkeep the Democracy of the Democratic Republic, doesn’t we.

Next time around, to make things simple and easy, I suggest that these CM’s name their children after them and just assign I, II, III and so forth. AP will then have YSR the II as the next CM followed by CBN II and then YSR III and this can go on.

Move aside Democracy, the Kings are back!

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