August 2009

Happy Birthday to me :)

This is the 10th draft probably making up for publishing. Wanted to share so much stuff but in the end, I thought to stay happy and just not try anything else. Lakshmi gave a wonderful and memorable start and I know she would end that with the same.

I wanted to wish myself a very Happy Birthday for not what I am but for what you all feel I am. Love or hatred, friendship or enemity, close or far, big or small, it doesn’t matter. The world around me enough colorful and lovable to cherish and think about everyone who were and in my life and I pray for them and the rest of the world to be only Happy.

Happy Birthday to Me 🙂

Arrogance Paid

If there is one Cricket team that can only be more arrogant than itself, pat comes the answer as ‘Australia’ from any one. The team boasts itself of using ‘sledging’ as one of their main tactics and were always one step ahead of their opponents. This time around, the arrogance has been paid its due. Ashes defeat is not  just a display of two teams competing each other on Test Cricket and take the rubber away. England had proved what Australia in the end have lost more than what they have won. Individual players from Australia were so arrogant that their statements before and after the match were simply ridiculous. To say that I can definitely do a job is ‘confidence’ but to boast that ‘Only I can do this job’ is over-confidence and synonymous to arrogant stance.

I hope that Australia will learn its lesson that they have been the greatest team on earth not because of what they are but how they play. In the recent past, they have left this basic principle behind and came up with faces in front of Cricket.

Patna – uninhibited

While reading through the headlines today, I came across a news item wherein  a girl who was gang-raped by 3 people was chasing them on the road in broad day-light without caring for her for nudity. She was eager to catch those culprits before they could set off. No one, not even a single person tried to stop those culprits and they got away. One of them was eventually nabbed by the police, as they quote.

What is happening in Bihar, particularly in Patna. This is the second such incident which was witnessed by hundreds of by-passers and no one intervened or questioned the wrong-doing. I guess it is no more habituated by human beings. Either they all are animals, or hizdas or just consider themselves nomads.

In my view, those 3 should be tied to a pole and stoned till death. Their crime does not impose such a ruthless punishment but it is with such a pity that I am writing this that the entire society has molded itself around this crazy existence. Where are human beings, did they all die? Was there not a single person who could stop them from escaping, what a shame?

These people does not deserve Democracy, they need a Chandragupta accompanied by Chanakya. Cut their throats for doing such a heinous crime. Shame on that government, people (animals) and the land of the law.

Somethings never change..

After a long long break, I was browsing Deccan Chronicle on the web and had a deep sigh “somethings never change”. It was more or less a crappy news paper which it had been during my days in Hyderabad and God forbid, its still maintaining the same status-quo.

Although it covers some national and international news, its primarily a local English language News Paper and what I see in its Entertainment section headlines are…

  1. Jessica Simpson’s lawyers issue legal warning…
  2. Britney Spears dumped!
  3. Naomi Campbell, is a fan of..

Common now, this is more than international tabloid. Hyderabad edition is boasting news on Jessica and Britney, who cares?

But………..but, this news definitely made me laugh, quote

On whose side is Varuna? MLAs fight

While the ruling party claimed that the Rain God was on their side, the Opposition said Lord Varuna ran away from the state because of the Congress corruption.
The Chief Minister, Dr Y.S. Rajasekhar Reddy, had said on Sunday that the Rain God had fled to China fearing that the Mahakutami would come to power. When Lord Varuna realised that Kutami did not win, he returned and opened up the skies, he said. Dr Reddy’s comments echoed in the Assembly too.
The CPM leader, Mr Julakanti Ranga Reddy, said the Congress government should apologise to Lord Varuna for claiming that he belonged to the Congress.
The finance minister, Mr K. Rosaiah, was quick to react. He said he was happy that the Communist leader believed in God. “Whatever they say, Lord Varuna is on our side,” Mr Rosaiah said.
When the finance minister said the Left parties have to always tag to one party or the other to come to power, Mr Ranga Reddy retorted saying they always fought for people’s rights.
The Telugu Desam deputy floor leader, Dr Nagam Janardhan Reddy, objected to Dr Reddy’s comments saying the Rain God ran away due to corruption in the Congress government.

I don’t know when these guys grow up. shameless politicians.


SRK’s detention in Newark is not just unfortunate incident, it brings me back the Western imperialistic mind-frame to the forefront. He might not be a Gandhi that he situation requires such an uproar nor his ethnicity have to bear the brunt. For me its more Indian than any other paraphernalia.

Kalam was detained briefly in our own country and yet Continental was able to fly on our skies. The deplore was a mere rhetoric than action. It is a national shame than it hurts to be a Muslim. Call it ‘procedural’ or ‘routine’, these incidents strongly bear a stamp of imperialism. I pity such individuals who still live under that presumption of ‘domination’ as they go back to their toilets and forget that they clean their own buts every time.

This is not a over-cry or media exaggeration (of course they love to feed on this stuff), it is a mere protest against those individuals whose acts resonates imperialist behaviorism. No protest goes to the table these days unless there is economical impact, be it SRK, Kalam or Sudan. Had we banned Continental across the globe as ‘united Indian’ the protest would have been stronger and bring down those perverts to kneels, licking our buts.

Gandhi’s tool of Satyagraha has to be transformed into 21st century’s new norms. From Satya to Economics, the protest should be more of ‘Economicagraha’, hitting the bulls-eye at the center; making them cry, weep, kneel and ultimately surrender, again Imperialism Vs Imperialism, only this time its with a cause.

Jai Hind

One song that always fills tears in my eyes and brings those glimpses of black and white pictures of freedom fighters ruthlessly beaten by atrocious British soldiers.

aye mere vatan ke logon
zara aankh mein bhar lo paani

jo shaheed hue hain unki
zara yaad karo qurbaani

Rendering her sweet voice mixed with the pain and agony of those great people who put their lives in the fore-front of freedom struggle, Lata Mangeshker is ever successful in bringing those memories to all of us, even today.

I was born 26 years after we were free and yet a strange thought of revived nationalism and patriotic sense muse our faces on every August 15th. I remember those golden school days where a weeks worth of preparations to celebrate our Independence Day were filled with enthusiasm, zeal and pride. Rainbow had only three colors and our class walls were filled with great leaders of the past. Indian maps were decorated with everything that we can think of. Sweet packets being packed the night before to be distributed the next day while the senior kids are in charge of making sure the confetti is sprinkled through the air when the national flag is unfurled.

When Vande Mataram was resurrected and resonated between the school walls and loud speakers else where nonchalantly sounding patriotic songs through the air. August being the best month with respect to climate in Hyderabad, had always been an icing on the cake. Bright orange Sun shredding luminous white light through fresh green trees remembered everyone of nationalism and the glory of tri-color.

Kids in all kinds of uniform was the norm till noon that day across every galli, every mohalla and every road. There was never a feeling of religion, cast, creed, status, race or color during the celebrations and every hand was only painted, Indian.

Those memories are rich treasures safely locked inside my heart and head and pop up on our Independence Day. One day I will be an American by law and being a ‘citizen’ I have to respect the law of the land and abide by its good and bad times. Nevertheless, no power on this earth shall take away my memories, the ‘nationalist’ childhood which I am privileged to have.

Nothing on this planet shall repay the debt that we have to our great leaders of the past, but..

my eyes are filled with glorified tears, thinking them, consoling,  being and Indian at heart, yesterday, today and tomorrow and ever.

Jo Shaheed huye hein unki, zara yaad karo qurbani…

Jai Hind and Happy Independence day to every one.

I was like.. a Decade late !

We all went to Smoky last weekend cordially joined by my cousin and her family from Kentucky. Overall the trip was a nice experience. Kids had some good time and everyone specially enjoyed the cabin-stay.

With occasional ‘bear-sights’ the trip had its own memories, but the best one still remain crossing the little stream full of rocks on our way to Cedar Cove. Lakshmi and I were crossing this nature’s small beauty hand in had and it then stuck to me, wow! I am just a decade late in doing this thing.

It was far more than romantic to put ourselves knee deep in rushing cold water, smoothing the edges of rocks as they pass every second with a strange and melodious music when it hits the floor and a wonderful display of natural grays and whites. Be it small, but I will forever cherish this moment that I spent with Lakshmi for years to come and feel sorry for her that the hand she held was decade older.

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