Pig, Politics & More..

July 28th, 2009

Thanks to TV-9 free telecast (for time-being) in USA on Dish Network. Lately I have been watching bits and pieces of the 24/7 News channel and I am literally shocked to see of what is happening back in India.

  1. A pig was doing rounds in a temple and people have decided to build a temple for that creature as they think that it is ‘divine’ now. I guess we need to send all the stray animals in India into temples to make sure they are taken care of. No need for temples, just treat them humanely.
  2. A fake link was established between Jr.NTR’s party with an accident by someone and the Media had been feeding on this fodder for quite a while. The ethics of Media were so low that a Buffalo would be proud of eating ‘just grass’.
  3. Rosaiah had questioned Muddu Krishnama Naidu if he is a ‘real man’ in the Assembly. For heavens sake, there are more public issues to discuss than fighting over politician’s potency. Grow up you morons.
  4. Congress Party cadres in real-estate business are manipulating prices near Warangal on the pre-text that there will be an airport coming up soon. Its really amazing that they can build airports so quickly (Japan, you have a lesson to learn here) and people are such dumb fu**ing bastards that they allowed themselves to be lured. Do they eat airports or what? What is that bull-shit economical gain to live near a deaf-dumb polluting place like an airport.
  5. YSR and Babu were throwing tantrums at each other in Assembly, literally making the whole democratic process and the legislative procedures a big joke.
  6. A women in Bihar was assaulted in broad day-light in front of public by a bunch of goons while the Police were watching and capturing MMS on their mobiles. Long live Duryodhana and Dushaasana, you have your heirs.
  7. Acid in India is more available than pure drinking water. The number of acid attacks in India grew more than 3×10123456789% this year alone.
  8. Free water rides in Delhi. Heavy rains literally made Delhi submerged in water allowing all classes of life to have free water rides. You can swim, you can row, you can splash and you can wash.
  9. yatra nAryastu pUjyante ramante tatra devatAH. Read..

Jai Hind!

Joke of the year :) :) :)

July 24th, 2009

No prizes for guessing what it is! I know most of you would come up with the same one (without blinking). So here it goes..

“The Andhra Pradesh State’s FY ’09-’10 Budget”

Told ya! no prizes for guessing.

Anyway, the story goes like this (all figures in Crores)…

  1. Total Budge 103,485.33 (Anything after the decimal is considered missinglenous).
  2. Planned Expenditure 40,184.11
  3. Un-Planned Expenditure 63,301.22 (Again, please do not guess!)
  4. Free electricity increased to 9 hours from 7 hours (8 out of those 9 hours fall into power-cut zone)
  5. Rs.2 Kg rice quota increased to 6 Kg from 4 Kg (expect 20% increase in contaminates)
  6. Electricity Subsidies increased to 6,040 (the meter runs on battery during power cuts and the money? no guesses again!)
  7. Sorry! you cannot get more laughs for free.

Seriously missing stuff from the AP Budget.

  1. No ‘official’ funds allocated to Sakshi News Paper.
  2. Not all mining is owned by the CM’s family members.
  3. Out of every Re.1 Govt. is still spending 2 paise for the public. Politicians are only getting 98 paise, this should be raised to Re.1
  4. No new irrigation project funding where there is no water.
  5. All drinking water (already polluted) should be free.
  6. No new taxes for saying ‘dog’ (Dog owners are already fined Rs.1,000/dog).

The bestowed financial minister of the State cannot be more ill-qualified than Paris Hilton running for US presidency. Poor guy, he is almost illiterate and you are asking economic questions, not fair!

Irrespective of how the supply and demand equations are, just because edible gram prices are up, all pulse’s prices went up. Onions are Rs.40/Kg, ban those f***ing vegetables, you are not privileged to eat them. Rice is Rs.40/Kg (I am talking about that the variety that humans can eat). Stop eating that calorie diet, be carnivorous.

The social status back in India is so low right now that pigs are on strike as often politicians are compared to them. Law and Order is a joke and the Judiciary system is still between Dwapara and Kaliyuga. Women are being publicly raped (the police are busy twittering and preparing MMS) and people are sentenced to death for drinking water (its so freaking polluted).

God bless India! (Ha! Ha! one more joke 🙂

Death & Taxes

July 23rd, 2009

Folks at WallStats has put together this eye-candy on 2010 US spending. Read more here.

2010 US Spending

2010 US Spending

Senate * Committee

July 17th, 2009

First and foremost is that I would request the congress to kindly ‘grow up’. Wasting valuable time in the name of Senate * committee is wasting people’s time. The Supreme Court nomination of Sonia Sotomayor can easily beat Potter’s 7 episodes in length, breadth and conviction.

I guess if Jesus Christ was nominated instead, they would ask him “can you claim yourself be kind to other religions when you have long vocalized for the Christianity? Do you have the credentials to proclaim?”. Searching for a flawless person is like finding the first sand particle that made up a desert. I guess everyone is trying to prove that they have enough questions that claim to have provided discomfort to Sotomayor and hence they ‘accomplished’ the committee goals. What on earth are they trying to prove? Is there a person on this planet who did not do any wrong? Haven’t these guys looking into the mirror lately?

Everyday during my hour and half one-way drive to and forth to work, I have listened to enough hearings on Sotomayor by the Senate Judiciary committee. These committees have nothing to prove. A person testifies before congress of neither accepting nor denying a statement, which is the new definition of truth. Back in my school days, in one of middle school math classes, we had  a deduction.

“A statement is either TRUE or FALSE, but not both.”

I guess it was more about truth and people have long buried this fact in their minds. These time-wasting senate committees are enacting more of Shakespeare dramas than actual stuff when the nation was being ripped from its fundamental truths, hard-work by greedy corporations and straw-piping banking institutions.

We have enough un-employment creeping only up and for heaven’s sake the employed senators should do real work rather than interviewing candidates for months when minds were already made up.

Luck and more Luck

July 9th, 2009

I am happy because I am back to my ‘reading’. Not necessarily the best of the bunch but satisfactory to the soul and given my nature, books are like reading my own palm. I came across a quote lately which says “the more you work hard the more you get lucky”. Initially sounded simple, the actual meaning stuck me more than I’ve imagined and a thought process triggered inevitably.

Is talent a gift or residue of hard work? What is more important, luck or passion? From our ancient texts to modern day literature, volumes of literature debated over those points and oracles presented their genius opinion. Nevertheless, the ‘luck’ factor always made it to the finish line, amongst others. So what exactly is luck? Is it the probability value of 1 for winning? Is it the factor that favors one during a race to beat the other? Or, is it really defined as ‘the chance of happening of fortunate or adverse  events’? Its up to our interpretation of what we want to think about it and not what we know about it.

Coming back to the above phrase of people getting lucky by hard work which I favor more than any other definitions that exists out there, the very insight makes me feel, what am I doing all these days, when ever I felt I was not lucky.

Let us examine the paraphernalia around getting lucky. Someone spins a coin and you got that right the very fist time, lucky, yes. Spin again and again you got it right, lucky may be. People often attribute this to fluke than lucky, again a different topic. If this goes on and on again, the luck turns to suspicion and con. What are the chances of person getting 100% out of a 50-50 probability, far less than one can imagine, right. Now let’s examine another scenario. You spin the coin now and get it right every time you call, and again people think you are a con. If you replace yourself with a magician, the same people are amused by his act and accolades follow, why such a bias? The reason is that with the word magic, the logic disappears and hard work is often ignored. The magician may have really tricked you by using a coin that always make him or her win, but there is enormous amount of hard work involved. Now if you as a ordinary person practice to spin a coin exactly the same way every time, down to the detail of the number of spins, height, etc., the impossible fades and hard work lights up. Its up with anything we do.

Quite often in Cricket, the players think that a bowler is lucky to have got a top edge that went for a catch. However, it is not. If he has read the batsmen reaction to a particular ball and bowls a ball with such an accuracy that 10 out of 10 times, the batsmen will hit it and it goes for a top edge, he is not lucky but his hard work payed off.

Luck is something you earn by doing more hard work and increase your chance of making a condition favorable to you and it is not impossible.

And by the way, here is an important link for this post.

Morning Breakfast

July 9th, 2009

Cat n the MilkMy parents are here with us and kids are having their blast, as usual. However, one new addition to our family almost a month back was the subscription to Dish Network’s Telugu Package. I have successfully avoided glued to the TV following those soaps but I get my daily dose of breakfast as I sit front of the TV.

I have three choices, either watch 2 channels streaming what is called ‘new songs’ a googlean collection of 10 songs repeated over and over and the other which airs devotional music (kind of heavy for me!). But, at least for the next few days, we have a new choice as TV9 debuts in USA and will be on air free from subscription fees. So, running out of alternatives,  I am watching this 24/7 news channel during my brief 10 minute breakfast bonanza.

Today’s 10 minutes were spent on a nano-analysis (micro is big I think!) of a person who went to India’s Tennis heart-throb Sania Mirza’s house to covey his love towards her as the ‘star’ is getting engaged tomorrow. The usual trend of these news channels is that one person anchors the show while the live crew at the scene answers the questions from the former.

This is the parody (Anchor A, Live Crew C).

A: Why do you think the cat went to Babu’s house to drink milk when her daily schedule was to drink milk at Reddy’s house ?
C: Not sure Sanjana (name of A)! I think the cat had long been a lover of Reddy’s house and wanted to taste the house milk.
A: What are people thinking out there about that cat since it changed her mind to visit Reddy’s house instead of Babu’s?
C: There is visible tension here Sanjana? People are blaming the cat for changing her side and no one is sure what the real problem or cause is?
A: Is there an opinion in public about cats changing houses like this?
C: Yes Sanjana, people think that cats are mean and they should stick to one place for their milk.
A: Are there any concerns that Reddy’s house uses 2% milk while Babu uses fat free? Was this the main reason behind the cat’s intention? What is people’s reaction?
C: People think this might be the main reason. In here with me is Raju, who is at a stone-throw distance from Reddy’s house.
A: Mr.Raju? Do you think Reddy’s usage of 2% is the main cause behind this fiasco?
R: I think so. It is not fair on Reddy’s part to use 2% as the entire community here use fat free milk. We are going to stage a protest in the next 1 hour in front of Reddy’s house.
A: Sanjana, you can see people’s reaction here, they are outrageous of these facts. They do not think the cat can be blamed in entirety.
A: So dear viewers, tensions are mounting over the different grades of milk being used in the same community. The cat has played a vital role in disclosing some grave facts about the secrets in the society. Please voice in your opinions by sending an SMS to 2424 on Airtel, 8673 on Idea, 9876 on Reliance, 4432 on AirCell, 8763 on MTNL, 9342 on Orange..

This is a daily ordeal and I am living with it. Best of luck for other viewers.

The Unconditional King

July 6th, 2009
Roger Federer with Wimbledon Championship 2009

Roger Federer with Wimbledon Championship 2009

There were days when Federer would return skiers off of his back-hand and loose  a set and there were days when a 5-setter was a death bed for this master. In all possibilities Federer’s game was conditional. The bar was set so high by himself that, anything past 3 sets were written failures and tie-breakers were questioning his capabilities.

Tennis by all means has to be unconditional and Nadal in modern-era is an example in case. He defied critics and proved his mettle side stepping Federer at least for a while. Winning was more important than ability and perspiration was a symbol of hard-work and logic. Federer on the other hand was clinical, calm and gentlemanish esquire from the beginning. He was successful in drawing a circle around him and tennis did not cross those boundaries ever since he claimed his first title.

When Federer was denied French Open 4 times in a row by a player who was playing tennis outside of Federer’s boundaries, he must have realized that the lines are inconsequential and limitless. His non eloquent racket has to speak out ‘unconditionally’ and he did that with fervor and fortitude. It did not matter to any, that he laid his fingers on the coveted French by not defeating the ultimate conqueror nor it mattered when he squashed Pete’s feat of 14 and ‘reclaimed’ his Wimbledon crown setting a record by playing the longest game in history. It was necessary to be unconditional for Federer and play that ‘length’. Critics are never convinced neither does his heart, but the moment of truth is that his ability to come out and play tennis all for the game’s own sake.

Federer is at his unconditional best, he does not mind going past the 3 setter, he does not mind playing tie breakers after tie breaker, he does not mind a 16-14 win over Roddick and more importantly he does not mind Nadal’s absence. When he plays on these conditions, that is when Federer is the ‘Unconditional King’.

A tribute to the greatest player in the history of the game, RF.