May 2009


This is a message to extend my deepest sympathies to the people of Andhra Pradesh. Not that I hate Congress or love any other party in general, but the rulers often decide the fate of the public. The state has been raped, looted and deprived of its resources and this will continue for the next 5 years as well. Of course it is the people of AP who are at fault of not learning from their mistakes. When only 60% of the people are represented the blame has to go to the people who does not vote. Those who does not think outside of their home boundaries are sure to suffer at the hands of their rulers.

The Democracy is long dead in India with people only responding to Liquor, Money, Power and Bribery. I am happy for the results at the Center as at least this time we will have a stable Government who can take decisions not based on political imbalance but for the good of the country (of course I know that I am joking) but, Dr. Manmohan Singh is no doubt a person of wonderful character and personality and I hope his ministry will keep up to his potential.

Andhra Pradesh meanwhile have gone to their old ways of supporting Kauravas (the only difference is that there are no Pandavas now) and ultimately pay the price of supporting ‘Adharma’. Satyam scan is a very small blip of many of the atrocities sponsored by the Govt. in the past 5 years and I can only hope that this time the number of scams are restricted to below 100,000 mark.

This is an obituary message to the death of prosperity of people of Andhra Pradesh.

The Faces of Democracy – #1

Should I begin with the worst or best, I stay put; worst first.

Now here is the face who undoubtedly can claim the #1 spot, congratulations, you are the winner! Now it was hard for the Kulvakurthi Chandrasekhara Rao God to make a man who is a theif, pimp, bastard, murderer, terrorist, ethic-less and a traitor all in one, but you know the game, he is God and he always wins.

Brief Profile
Name: Kulvakuntla Chandrasekhara Rao
Resident of: Andhra Pradesh (he wants to make it into 2 pieces)
Ambition: Become a CM (even if its just for Nampally, Hyderabad)
Party: Telangana Rashtra Samadhi (sorry! Samiti)
Supports: Whoever gives him money

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