Poor Shoes

April 28th, 2009

Its been a ‘trend’ lately to huddle shoes over on political figures in India, even the PM is not spared. I really feel pity for these shoes. One, had they been used ‘regularly’, people could have called it real-value but the otherwise fate of being rocketed on politicians have degraded their status. Two, they do not get any credit what-so-ever! Its the launcher and the target who gets the fame, poor souls.

Anyway, not all flowers abode to the holy feet of God and not all shoes are designated, foot-wear. Don’t worry! Every ‘shoe’ will have its day.

Idle Premier League

April 21st, 2009

Sitting on the sidelines of job lookout is no fun, having thrown everything that I can at the non-opportunist market, things are not going too well at this time. As with any other momentary ‘looser’, I was on roll to find my peace and what else than Cricket would be up for grabs. IPL came to my rescue to control my aggression and perform the consolation choir and the good news is I may get to see all the matches. Honestly, I would not vote myself to watch all the games as, the early that I put myself on a payroll the better is it for us.

of game, god and goodbye

April 7th, 2009

Everyone hoped that India should have won the Wellington Test. They have indeed, until the God decided otherwise. Technically they have won the game and more than anything in Dhoni’s words they’ve “set the standard”.

Cricket fans had great time with the game and so does New Zealand’s small little economy. Cricket provides people with great relief as it just not a game that they come to witness, but all those legends who have graced it. Winners and losers are part and part of parcel but the game in itself is always the winner. A perfect season with T20s, ODIs and Tests have given us the taste of true game and everyone has embraced that. We were lucky, lucky enough to have watched the game reach new levels, in all the formats. T20’s adrenaline rush is simple heart throbbing while ODIs gave us quick master class and Tests provided a patient and humble experience with great knocks from both the teams. Winning over New Zealand in New Zealand is more than statistics for India. Its like a soldier conquering a peak. The peak retains its majesty by being conquered while the soldier achieves for he believed in. They both contributed to the ‘win’ and are equally important. India and New Zealand have done exactly the same, keeping the ‘game’ winning.

God had some different thoughts. When the sail seems smooth, the hurricane kicks in, testing both the sailors as well as the ship. Rain interruptions did the same to both the teams. The great part is how both took it and how they respected it. Disappointments are humble milestones, reminding everyone what their real goal is. Spectators had the fortitude to stay while the teams showed their resilience. God had tested and everyone came out with flying colors. Thanks God for letting them ‘tested’.

Legends have graced this game over the past century and more and more will come and embrace. True to most believers the Trio have delivered and delivered strong. It was a ‘eye sight’ of splendid master class and an orchestra of superior cricket. Sachin, Dravid and Lakshman have treated us with great display of their masterful strokes and have taught enough to the torch bearers. They ‘love’ the game and so does the ‘game’. They are not at their peak, but they have been there long enough for all of us to see them, enjoy and accolade. Our generation are lucky enough to have watched them, up close and intimate. The greatness of these men is defying the impossible. They can more than control their will power and provide everyone with a feeling of assurance and authority. This in all possibilities will be the last tour to New Zealand and Kiwis have welcomed them with their minds and hearts. They are prodigies who are so humble that they believed us always that it is ‘Cricket’ that is the true champion. These ambassadors of the game close the gaps between nations and make them walk and talk the same thing and it is their true destiny. New Zealand will accept their ‘good-bye’, sorry the last ‘salute’ on their turfs and true to everyone’s imagination, it will be with the utmost respect.

Long live ‘The Game’.