January 2009

Tomorrow is Wednesday

Every Wednesday my mood is off, every Tuesday I anticipate it and Mondays are spent waiting for Wednesday. Thursday is still filled with yesterday’s thoughts while Friday is a day I want to forget it, but still ponder. Saturday and Sunday are holidays and out of blue I will read about ‘that’ Wednesday. What did Wednesday do to me ????????

Mumbai attacks left a scar on Mother India and so did to me. Those Pakistani cowards are worthless shit who cannot confront their mothers if alive, forget about ‘Allah’, he will spit on their face. The government of Pakistan is always a joke and will remain a joke. As our PM Manmohan said, Pakistan has adopted terrorism as one of their state policies and not just now, since the time of partition. It actually started when Moguls invaded India and terrorism has become very unfortunately part of Islamisation agenda. No religion and No god approve taking innocent lives. Some cowards believe in the so called maligned form of ‘Jehad’ and adopt these cowardly ways of killing people.

I strongly support the Indian Government who showed great restraint in these times. It showed that it cares about its own people. Pakistan is a ‘mad’ nation who romes arounds with arms in its shoulders and they do not hesitate to kill innocents. Of all the suggestions that billions have poured in I think the best of’em all are…

a. Make the world declare Pakistan as an terrorist nation. I like the word ‘Axis of Evil’.
b. Deprive Pakistan any resources from India, be it drinking water or even air.
c. Crush their economy, circulate fake Pakistani notes faster than their mint.

Pakistan unfortunately is lead by a bunch of greedy terrorists. Its the common people of Pakistan who will pay the ultimate price. We should encourage a revolution within Pakistan to split it into pieces who can co-exist peacefully.

Tomorrow is Wednesday !

We will never know ‘Satyam’

Satyam means truth and most of us know that, so what’s the big deal?

The Satyam fiasco has many facets. Media, Public, Share Holders, Investors, Politicians and of course Satyam by itself. Bail-out or not, one will never be able to uncover the real reason behind the fiasco that lead to Raju’s conviction and acceptance of responsibility. Whether he was forced or not, there sure is political motives and agenda behind the scenes as reported by media. I cannot tell with certainty, but the important point is whether we will ever know what really happened. My bet is ‘never’. This is another ‘Moddu Seenu’ type of incident. When a state is ruled by a ‘terrorist’ what else can you expect ? Key witnesses are killed brutally inside the Government correction centers and land mafia is headed by greedy politicians.

Satyam by all means is more than dead in that part of the country. As shameless as they are, the current political jokers never accept the responsibility nor amend their ways. One day a ‘Wednesday’ will come by and I hope these ‘terrrorists’ (the so called political clad) are all killed and killed in public.

God bless India.

Please elect Citizens from now on…

Andhra Pradesh people needs to wake up from their sleep. Its time that they elect only ‘citizens’ of India from now. Congress party has historical legacy, a legacy whose cadre was filled with the names like Mahatma itself. Although we are lucky to have few good people sitting in Delhi, AP has seen the worse side of it.

A man who never dreamt of becoming a CM, had only one agenda. Its a once in a life time opportunity to amass as much public money as he can and literally loot the state its resources. Public, like always are such fools (BTW, only fools were voting while intellectuals have stopped going to the polling stations. Either their ballot is already cast or was sold.) to elect non-Indian citizens to power. These people do not respect the land of the law and hence they are categorically considered non-citizens.

Invasions in India is not new, it was Moguls, British in the past and now its our own men who loot their own men. The current state of affairs in AP are so pathetic that there is little left to loot. The state has been on top for several decades now in external as well as internal debt. The current CM is such a shameless person that he publicly gives statements on wrong-doing of his own. He do not respect the law, the judiciary and people. Satyam’s fiasco is just a drop in an ocean, if one has guts to root out the real cause, I guess most of the political clad can be shot dead in public. Terrorists inflict few people fewer times, but our politicians inflict damage every day, every hour and every second. They are traitors of the nation.

God bless AP and God bless India.

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