…I wept

November 27th, 2008

There is nothing to write except to weep today. Such a horrendous act of terror and all I can do is to weep. I sincerey pray God to give all those strength and fortitude to stand up against this cowardice act.

Long live India!

Vote for the dog!

November 21st, 2008

Andhra Pradesh is close to the cross-roads of assembly elections and every political party is making moves to get on top of each other. While there are no saints, there are no dogs either (how unfortunate). The ruling Congress doesn’t trust in our constitution, they have their own and they think that every inch of AP belongs to them (sorry! only the land not the people). The opposition and one time cameo party TDP is over-confident that they would bounce back and continue their ‘reforms’ (Intel might be selling RFID based milk packets).

Most interesting news was that Chiru (I like to call him that way) wants to make his mark on the political map and cannot conceive anything less than an CM post. He is ambitious and I must say the honest of the lot. He is also emotional and things will be good or bad if he comes to power, only time can tell us that answer and I don’t have anything more to add for this guy. There are others, like KCR (he is fortunate to be known by his initials, please make room FDRs and JFKs) whose nose is most honest that his mouth, at least the size remains same. I think his dream is to become a CM, even if its non Telangana, be it just Nampally (a very famous place in Hyderabad). Whether or not his dream comes true, the day his party comes to power, people can forget their dreams.

Of course there are some honest pitches like Lok Satta who wants to bring the difference by not doing any good (distribute sarees, liquor, money) to voters, well better luck guys! And, there are dogs, just stray dogs. You pick one and give them some food and they will do what ever you want.

But your bad-luck they are not contesting, but I still insist “vote for the dog”.

It really hurts Himesh…!

November 21st, 2008

I am a born music lover and was a good singer too. While the first part grew bigger and bigger the second one suffered a beathing over the years. Anyway, this is not about me.

Having listened to musical maestro’s like MS, Mangalampally, etc and Ghantasala, Rafi, Kishore and Balu ever since my birth, music just goes down my ears like water through my mouth. My interest to music is as important as breathing. Kept aside, there are few singers and composers in the industry now which are woth mentioning and I think Himesh Reshammiya will definitely gets the first priority. I have never listened to such horrific music in my life and God knows how many time I have to listen to him. When I watch those youtube videos of Saregamapa or some other music shows where he dons the role of a judge, I get goosebumps. A true artist is humble, sharp and brave. This guy is arrogant, dumb and a coward who gets angry by any word in the dictionary.

I think if you listed to his songs closely, there are probably not more than one variation. He twists and turns the same thing over and over again and feels proud about that. I hope whoever was his ‘guru’ must be feeling happy that he is no more his ‘disciple’ now. God knows how these people click in the first place, I know marketing plays heavy, but this dumb! I cannot believe it.

Fortunately he is not along in this dumb game, since I follow only Hindi and Telugu music, I must say that Himesh is lucky to have a compatriot in Ramana Gogula. These two people have taken music to such low levels and what’s worse, they sing too, now this is real torture.

On top of it, this Himesh guy is into acting as well, jeez, can someone stop him please! I know its easy said than done and music is not a child’s play, but you know what? it doesn’t bother me bashing this guy at all as he really deserves it. This might be my opinion and many might dislike it, but hey! listen to his music again, of course at you own peril.

Himesh, for the sake of mankind and for the sake of the divine Saraswathi, please stop making music and kindly stop singing. Its easy to skip your movies (that you’ve acted) than the movies for which you are doing music for.

Long live melody.

Laws of AP

November 11th, 2008

Like many laws (don’t mistake this with scientific ones), Andhra Pradesh too have formulated some laws of democracy. It was a difficult task, but only to compile.

Law 1: Government and its officials can involve in murdering a person.
Amendment: Only opposition leaders can come under victims.

Law 2: All witnesses that can lead to political instability be completely wiped out.
Amendment: <There is none>

Law 3: Law and order can only be implemented on law-abiding citizens.
Amendment: Citizens are those people who are un-political.

Law 4: A complete mockery of any case if finds a politician guilty be allowed.
Amendment: Order a CBI inquiry into the case.

Law 5: Government officials involved in a homicide case are granted amnesty.
Amendment: Please include relatives and friends as well.

I am sorry but these laws are lengthier than our constitution and cannot be disclosed completely here, I apologize for the inconvenience.

Coming to the topic…

Moddu Seenu’s murder in a Government correction facility is a symbol of constitutional rape and denial of law. It is a shame to both the Government and the people who confront the issues by taking lives. If one does not have the power to give life, then one shall not have it to kill. Keeping the political system involved in this case, it is an outright violation of Indian constitution of how our correction facilities are being maintained. Using Rayalaseema, faxanism and other bull-shit to highlight the issue is making a joke of our judiciary. If the Government is not headed by citizens of India, God knows what will happen to that country. By the way a ‘citizen’ is a person who lives under the law of the land.

The Tiger stopped hunting..

November 10th, 2008

Dear Dada,

We miss you, we will forever cherish all those wonderful Cricketing moments that you let us enjoy and salute you for the service you’ve done for the country.


The Bengal Tiger - Ganguly

The Bengal Tiger - Ganguly

Sourav Chandidas Ganguly, famously described by his fellow team mate another legend of Cricket as the “God on off-side” has played his last international Cricket match yesterday, on a winning note. The man who has changed the land space of Indian Cricket filling it with fervor and fire and made opponents breath down the fire and became the most successful captain leading the Indian side.

He is the most cherished so of Bengal and he is indeed a fighting Tiger. If we were to exemplify an event or person to define what is will-power, nothing stands between the best and Ganguly to prove. With his enormous will, he created an environment in Indian Cricket which is at its helm at this time and I am sure they will never forget from whom the torch has been passed on. Every person will have to go through up-hill battles in their own lives, throwing the towel is indeed the most witnessed result, few brave to swim against the tide and Ganguly rightfully so is one among the best.

His belief was his strength and he always knew what he is capable of. He might not have been the No.1 batsmen in the world, but he was always a contender and it is more important. We are lucky to have witnessed one of the Cricket’s classical best and I take this moment to thank him for that.

Indian captaincy is considered the most difficult of all jobs in the sports history and he had proved to everyone of us that he was the best man to do it.

I wish him a wonderful post-Cricket life and like he said, he does not have any regrets as he is going to do the most privileged job a man can ever put his shoes in – being a Father a husband and a wonderful son.

The tiger has stopped hunting, and left his footprints all over the place.

Black is beautiful again!

November 7th, 2008

I know I am too late to write this, but you know what, better late than never!

When Barak Obama was declared as the projected winner of the Presidential Elections, 2008, the country was actually witnessing something magnificent. The black has become beautiful again.

Most of us might be thinking that when there are only two choices what’s the big deal, isn’t it obvious that Republicans will definitely face defeat on the name of incumbency while its the turn of Democrats to stay on top. Of course, there weren’t many choices, but..

the choice making was the real history. It does not happen every day in a country long witnessed the red-inked history of slavery, civil war and riots. It may not be evident on a person’s face, but the thin line between the white and black does exist. If not on paper, definitely in the hearts, agree or not. When Obama’s candidature was announced, America had choices, but the choices weren’t the pretty names of Hillary or the Mermon Romney, it was much smaller than the candidates, an African American and the rest of the folks. When the final choice was between Obama and McCain, there was a long road to perdition that the whole country had to take, to accept the truth that sometimes a person is above of what his skin color is.

Deep in the hearts many white people might have thought that the choices they had were not too pleasant, but again, it was a choice and they had no choice; irony! Senior white citizens especially favored McCain reminding us of what the real choice was, not Republican or Democrat, but white or black.

Young America had different thoughts. Strategists agree that had there been no financial mess that has happenned just around the corner, the elections would have been closely fought. McCain as a presidential candidate is more capable than Obama, but his legacy of being a Republican had to be put at stake, and it was a loosing bet. Liberals, conservatives, left, right, democrat, republican, war veteran, change was the strong rhetoric we’ve all witnessed and whether they had any impact on this election was totally debatable. Obama being elected as the next President is equivalent of creating history within history. Modernization might have built strong economic empires around the globe, but homosapiens have not grown into complete humans yet. The divide between skin colors, races, religions have far surpassed the achievements of science and the boundaries of wisdom. Barak Obama’s presidential stature is historical because, it is a new era where people have accepted the truth, willingly or unwillingly. The truth that a person belonging to a country is a citizen first and a socialite next. Whether or not this is a golden era for the African Americans to see one of their men occupying the most coveted seat in the politics of the planet, there is certainly hope and a hard-fought realization among the people of United States. It might not have been any other good time for Obama to contest in this elections as Republicans are widely perceived at this time as evil masters letting the country slip into a mess and making a mockery of two wars. Nevertheless, we should not forget that Obama’s war began with Hillary first, whose reputation was circumvented by the second most charmed president after JFK. I am glad that the choice between Hillary and Obama came down to Trust. And, to trust an African American over a family legacy that has imprinted powerful political clad on this Country was a big deal. A deal that was won.

I am glad, that ‘black is beautiful again!’.

All the best for the President elect Obama and to all the people of United States. Long live America.


All good things come to an end

November 4th, 2008

Anil Kumble has retired from International Cricket. This was the head-lines in most of the media yesterday bidding adieu to the great service person of Cricket as a sport and a tire-less fighter who served his country in this sport like a silent King.

Kumble by any means was more than a match winner for India. He was the hope and the torch bearer for most of his career and had the greatest audacity on the field and off the field. He stood as an example for more than we can count for and withstood the challenges day in and day out. A rare personality with great humility, he is a wonderful human being having done greater causes to the society as well.

It must have been a great privilege for all those Cricketers who had the opportunity to gel with him, play with him and watched him from close quarters. Records are just one sided face of this great man, his other side shows the true colors of his wisdom, character, patience and fortitude. It is our privilege as Cricket lovers and spectators to have watched him for the last 18 years. Be it a sports person or a soldier, when they wear the Tri-Color on their jerseys, they are serving the nation. Great servicemen by exemplary deeds often gives us the message of Patriotism and Anil Kumble in my view is one such great patriot.

It is his privilege to have played along with other greats in the history of Cricket, yet, the sport is privileged to have been served by such great sportsperson.

On behalf all the true Cricket lovers, I wish Anil Kumble the best of the best in his post-Cricket era.